That’s What She Said at Benton House, Chicago

Curated by Jeriah Hildwine

Featuring: Stephanie Burke, Elise Goldstein, Annie Heckman, Lauren Sleat, Karen Voltz, Elizabeth Wade & Erin Whitman

Saturday 4/25/09 & Sunday 4/26/09 1pm -8pm

The Benton House, 3052 S Gratten Ave, Chicago, IL

This exhibition is part of Version09

that’s what she said…

Themes of sexuality and mortality are undeniably essential to human experience. However, these important areas of exploration are often marginalized in the name of propriety. Perhaps worse, they are oversimplified by their superficial representation by de facto or actual pornography, action movies, video games, advertising, et cetera.

Group shows of women artists all too often exhibit work with nothing more in common than the gender of the creators. The unintended implication is that the sole criterion for inclusion in the show was mere possession of a certain set of genitals, turning what should be a serious artistic achievement into a palliative pat on the back, good perhaps for the self-esteem but signifying no actual accomplishment.

That’s What She Said rectifies these two problems. The exhibition presents work by young, emerging female artists, whose work shares certain aesthetic and thematic sensibilities. The work in this exhibition celebrates sincerity over irony, craftsmanship over cleverness, and a Baroque richness rather than simplicity or restraint.

Moreover, the artists in this exhibition refuse to shy away from the gritty realities of life. These are artists who are acutely aware of their own bodies, their own physicality, and their own mortality. Their work exhibits a sensuality which transcends and appropriates objectification. They look Death in the face, and while they may not laugh, they do not blink, either.

Jeriah Hildwine, Curator


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